Bonefire Comfort Bridle Padded 1.5"noseband
  • Bonefire Comfort Bridle Padded 1.5"noseband

    Bonfire Bridle Padded  Brown & White, 1.5" noseband Premium Quality with Anti-Slip Rubber Grip Reins

    Padded Bridle with Leather Rubber Reins, Raised Padded Brow Band and Nose Band.
    It is padded with Super-Soft padding all round brow band and nose band, making it comfortable for you horse.
    Its been designed to disperse pressure around the nose and allow for even tightening of the nose band.
    Removable flash strap for extra control.
    Leather Rubber Reins are 6/8" in width.
    It has Stainless Steel fittings.

    Size Description:
    REINS 54" 51" 48"
    (Fastened Length)
    BROW BAND 15.5" 14.5" 13"
    (Total Length)
    NOSE BAND 29" 27" 25"
    (Total Circumference)
    CHEEK PIECE 10.5" 9.5" 8.5"
    (Fastened Length)
    HEAD PIECE 47" 44" 41"(Nose Band)
    WIDTH (Brow Band) 15 mm 15mm 15 mm